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Career Training with 'Seminars on CD'

IMC Online

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IMC Online is the new, alternative and economic way to receive my services - over the Internet.


Move to 'Go'- wherever you are!

Using Skype
Thanks to the wonders of Skype Voice Over the Internet (VOIP) technology we can now discuss your particular requirements on-line as well. 
Although not essential to my services, Skype does allow a more personal approach, so we recommend it.  Especially as it is completely Free of Charge!  
For those who choose to download this programme our address is Normlaure0, contact us and let's talk about YOUR project!
Visit for the free download

Focus Form
All projects are different but the information requirement stays the same.  In order to assist any client I need to have some pertinent details about their products, markets, and competition.
To get this I use my Focus Form - so called because it makes the Client focus on the important details,and not get distracted by non-essentials.  It is also essential for me if I am to give sensible advice.
Get your Free copy by using the link below, and I will send it back by return.  At this stage you are not obligated to me in any way - but will allow me to review your situation and work out what I feel is a realistic price to help you.  NB: Usually the filling out of this form is in chargeable time for face-to-face clients.
Needless to say the information remains completely confidential, and is not kept on any data retrieval system - except where a project is undertaken.

Contact via e-mail