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Career Training with 'Seminars on CD'

Marketing for SME's

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Serious Marketing for those who are serious about their Business!

CD content;
Marketing for SME's
Consumer Behaviour
Situation Analysis
Opportunity Analysis
Basic Research
The Nature of Research
Asking the Right Questions
Media Analysis
Public Relations
New Media Marketing
Understanding Direct Marketing
Budgeting for Advertising
Perceptions & Beliefs
The Promotional Mix
Creating a Marketing Plan

Collectively SME's (Small to Medium-size Enterprises) employ more people that all the big employers put together - no matter which country you come from!
They are the backbone of any economy and often the most overlooked by governments.  It is therefore up to the SME to make every effort to understand business in general and Marketing in particular in order to survive.
SME's are usually limited in all forms of resources - notably available cash to develop and promote their businesses, which is why this CD is an true investment - providing practical and REAL advice and suggestions to help the smaller operator compete in the Marketplace!
The course covers no less than 15 hours of material - conveniently provided in individual, titled one-hour modules.  This makes the Course a reference tool as well, which can be dipped into with ease for any situation that may arise.
Fully narrated, the course is taken from Business School MBA level, and at 40 euros, costs a fraction of BS prices - plus you can study AT YOUR OWN PLACE and AT YOUR OWN PACE!
If you are serious about your business this is one purchase that will repay you over and over again.

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