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Career Training with 'Seminars on CD'

Marketing Psychology

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NOW on CD!!!!
14 Hours of fully narrated MBA level Powerpoint Seminar!
for only 40 euros inc. P & P!

Purchase reasons are not always what they seem!

Understanding why we buy products and services is a major part of creating successful Marketing programmes. 
What exactly DOES make a purchase decision?- what influences the decision?  What can Marketers do to influence the decision? 
We  explore the inner mind of the Consumers and help the marketer to develop empathy and knowledge of consumer behaviour and plan accordingly.
This NEW CD contains no less than 14 hours of materials - a fully narrated Seminar and comes complete with Projects and Suggested Answers - PLUS the option to take a FREE MBA level Examination and get formal Certfiication from AIT!*
*NB - Please note this is a REAL examination - and not just a freebie added to the offer for no effort.  Examination is done exactly the same way as with Business Schools MBA's and with identical content. 


Introduction to Marketing
Marketing Impact on Consumers
The Consumer as a Social Entity
Motives & Motivations
Self & Gender Roles
Attitudes & Effects
Perceptions & Beliefs
Myths & Rituals
Evaluation & Selection
Learning & Memory
The Household Life Cycle
The Purchase Environment
Post-Purchase Dissonance
ONLY 40 euros ($US48.00) inc. P & P!
14 hours of fully-narrated Powerpoint animated Presentation
a FULL 4-day Seminar on CD!
Not Available in any store!