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SME's Marketing Support

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Small to Medium-size Enterprises (SME's) collectively employ more people that the biggest Multinational companies!

This is why they (YOU?) are the backbone of every national economy, and why they are so important.
Unfortunately support for SME's is harder to find, as they simply don't have the power to influence governments through great lobbying power.
Which is why if YOU are an SME it is up to you to ensure you are armed with the very best marketing skills to survive and grow - and even take on the big guys!
The Seminar Workshop is designed to provide you with all the tools you will ever need to fight for your business in the competitive marketplace.  How to plan, how to grow, how to compete, how to work with limited promotional resources - and much more!
You cannot afford to pass this Seminar when it is in your area.  Register with us to be advised of when that will be - or you can buy the CD-rom NOW!
Either way, it could be the best investment you have ever made.

Now SME's can talk to us through our New (old) Marketing Consultancy Service!
For information and supports - use the Contact Form on the Contacts page (logical?).  Let's see how we can help you - we guarantee our  prices won't ruin you!

Companies we have done work for;
Bayer,  American Express Middle East, Ibusz Bank , Kodak Australia, Casamiro Gomez Brazil, Astra Pharmaceuticals, Unilever, Beaver Buggies UK, Hobbyfarmer Magazine, A C Goode Stockbrokers , SGB, John Howard Hotel UK, Stuart Surridge Cricket, New Zealand Cheeses, Kraft Foods, Voere Rifles, Winchester Arms, Cougar Camping, Kloster Schonthal Saddles, Interpid Fishing Reels, Henselite Bowls, Electrolux and many, many more! Large, small and in-between!


Marketing for SME's 

Businessman at desk

3--Day Seminar & Workshop
Essential Marketing knowledge,Doing Research,Public Relations,Creating a Situation Analysis, Opportunity Analysis,Demographics & Psychographics, Perceptions & Beliefs,Budgeting for Advertising,Preparing YOUR Marketing Plan.
Price for Seminar/Workshop is 1800 euros for 3-days. Price includes bound course notes, copy of Introduction to Marketing Communications, coffee breaks, and buffet lunch each day.
CD-rom for only 150 euros inc. P & P

For details of In-house Training contact;

La Musardiere, Vernay, Savigny-en-Revermont, 71580 France. Tel/fax: +33(0)3 857.44203