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Career Training with 'Seminars on CD'

International Marketing

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International Marketing
Seminar on CD
Essential Marketing
Introduction to Database Marketing
Opportunity Analysis
Situation Analysis
International Marketing Essentials
The Legal Environment
The Political Environment
The Cultural Environment
The Economic Environment
Marketing Services Internationally
Product Development
Distribution Alternatives
Planning & Promotions
14 hours plus of fully-narrated Seminar
Powerpoint materials PLUS the
opportunity to undertake a formal MBA level
examination for Certfication by AIT.*
*NB: This is a formal and REAL examination
to MBA standards and marked accordingly
it is not offered as part of the CD purchase.
ONLY available to purchasers of non-pirated
copies registered as such with AIT.

They say the world is becoming smaller -or more 'global'. We have better and quicker communications systems - so why are so many international marketing projects such dismal failures?
Mainly through a lack of understanding of the differences between
nations and values!
This is where IMC=NC comes into its' own.  Not by simply examining the physical requirements of shipping goods from one country to another, but examining the ways  to avoid mistakes and maximise the profits from International Marketing activities.
Whether your company is large or small the opportunities to function internationally are here!
NOW AVAILABLE as a fully narrated Seminar-on-CD with 14 hours of study material - for only 40 euros!

Absolutely essential for all companies and individuals looking to expand internationally with limited funds!