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Career Training with 'Seminars on CD'

CD-roms (non-sound)

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We are happy to announce that several of our complete Seminars are now available on CD-rom in Powerpoint format (PC only).

NB: These CD's are non-sound at this time.  For information on our new selected range of sound CD's put your name on our obligation free mailing list for updates.

AIT 1  Corporate Skills - 25 euros
The Situation Analysis
Opportunity Analysis
Budgeting for Advertising
IMC Strategic Planning
Advertising in a Recession
Corporate Personality
Using Public Relations

AIT 2 - Direct Marketing - 20 euros
What makes DM unique?
The Value of Direct Response
Basic Research
Intro to Database Marketing
DM Campaign Planning
MGM & Affiliate Programmes

Note: this CD is an 'Introduction'  CD.  It is not designed for current Practitioners or those more advanced students.  This covers the basics only.

AIT 3 - Advertising Agency Skills - 30 euros
The Business of Advertising
The Structure of Advertising
Advertising in Society
Account Handling 1 & 2 (complete)
Presentation Skills
What the Client REALLY wants!
The Creative Brief
The Promotional Mix
Advertising Strategy
B2B & Retail Advertising

This is an excellent Course for those wishing to join the Advertising profession - or for those seeking to develop their careers.

AIT 4 - Customer Relations Management - 20 euros
Relational Marketing
Relational Marketing at Retail
The Consumer as a Social Entity
Consumer Behaviour
Customer Loyalty
Post-purchase Dissonance

This CD takes a serious overview of CRM but with specific emphassis on Retail trading at all levels.

AIT 5 - Sales Promotion - 20 euros
Why use Sales Promotion?
Sales Promotion Tools
SP Campaign Planning
Legal Considerations
Integrating DM & SP progs.
Event & Cause-related progs.

This CD is an all-inclusive overview of Sales promotion - the fastest-growing area of promotional expenditure.  Essential for student and current practioner alike.

AIT 6 - Mainly for Creatives - 20 euros
Making Creativity WORK!
Creativity in DM
Humour in Advertising
Fine Art in Advertising
Media for Creatives
Labelling & Packaging overview

A constructive aid for all people involved in Marketing creativity, enabling them to appreciate both constraints and opportunities.

AIT 7 Basic Marketing - 20 euros
Marketing & Communications  1 & 2
Working with Trade Partners
Research as a Marketing Tool
Public Relations
Marketing for Service Industries
Merchanise Licensing

Essential material for those wishing to enter Marketing, or those with a knowledge gap.

AIT Understanding Media - 20 euros
Media Analysis
Media Planning
Below the Line media
Outdoor Advertising
Marketing & New Media

The CD provides a practical overview of media and how to use it effectively.  Ideal for new entrants to Advertising and Marketing roles.