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Career Training with 'Seminars on CD'

Brand Management

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Up to 78% of a company's value can be in the Brand or Brands it carries -
so who takes care of the Brand?

It is not an option to understand what branding is and how the Brand should be created, developed and protected - it is an imperative!
This Course carries no fewer than TEN fully-narrated Training Modules covering all aspects of the Branding process, and showing how the brand can be developed to provide EXTRA value for any Company.
Required study for anyone currently involved in Branding or having the need or desire to understand the processes.
Total course time is in excess of 14 hours!  Best Value available on the market today  only 35 euros - ($45.00!!)    Can YOU afford NOT to have this?

The Course;
Introduction to Marketing
Brand Management Essentials
Brand Terminologies
Brand Loyalty and Proggrammes
Corporate Identity & Personality
Corporate Sponsorships
Merchandise Licensing
Working with Trade Partners
Recruitment Advertising
Secrets and Origins of famous Brands

Essential for anyone involved in branding or developing corporate stock values!

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